Nimble Solutions to Sneaky “No Follow” Classifieds Directories

We don’t usually share information of this nature, but given the summer doldrums, we hope our readers appreciate a little spice to light their SEO efforts. 

Recently we discovered that a major online classified directory that allows free classifieds automatically adds the ‘rel no follow’ attribute to any hyperlinks?  It does this unbeknownst to posters, despite labeling itself as an open resource.  What is even less known is that there is an easy work around to this that allows you to conver the no follow to a do follow link.  

We won’t divulge the name of the resource here since the operators of the site might “fix” this oversight.  The resource in question allows postings (e.g., for services, selling homes, etc.) to remain online for a period of time, after which the postings are taken down but stored.  Users have the option to “repost” those listings for an additional period of time.  During the reposting process, you will see a screen where raw HTML code of the original posting is included.  In that screen, you can edit the code (unlike when you are creating a posting.  Notice that the hyperlinks have the rel no follow attribute included within them?

Simply delete the rel no follow attribute and proceed with the posting.  The new hyperlinks will be do follow links! 

Since we are not posting the actual identity of the site, be sure that you check the terms of service of any site to see if this is a violation.  Good luck!

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2 Responses to “Nimble Solutions to Sneaky “No Follow” Classifieds Directories”


I tried that technique with several classifieds such as backpage and craislist.It doesn’t work it automatically bounces back to a nofollow.If you have a list of sites you know it works on it would really appreciated.


Hi Kathleen – as it happens, this is a non-issue now since evidence shows that the no-follow tag alone doesn’t necessarily prevent allocation of pagerank. The issue is more complicated, but also not really crucial unless you are engaged in massing spamming and link-buying. We may address it later this year.

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